Farmers’ Market Finds: Fungi and Potatoes

One of the things that I simply love about going to the farmers’ market is the sheer variety of stuff you can find. A walk through the market on a crisp fall morning will reveal a wealth of squashes, heirloom tomatoes, oddball cauliflowers (I like the orange ones), and meats you simply can’t find at the grocery store.

Now, mainstream supermarkets are getting better, to a point, in the variety they carry. You can now find lemongrass and starfruit and bok choi at a well-stocked supermarket, things that you had to get from speciality stores a few years ago.

But there are still things that I’ve only found at the farmer’s market. We picked two of them up this week.

Russian Blue Potatoes

The first are these Russian Blue potatoes. They’re really quite neat. The colour remains after you cook them, so you can get some interesting shades in your dishes. They’re also a fairly firm, starchy potato, and can be used in place of russets for most recipes. (Even better, they aren’t like beets – the colour won’t transfer to the cutting board and the table and your shirt and the cat…)


The second neat thing we got were these chanterelles. We’d seen evidence of chanterelles before: a sign and an empty box, with an apologetic seller standing next to it. But this week we got up early. This week we made it to the market not too long after it opened. This week… We got to the chanterelles before they all disappeared.

This week I’ll tell you about what we did with our loot!

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