Christmas Duck

We are about to head off for our Christmas dinner. While we are used to home-cooked meals on Christmas Eve – ham, turkey or roast beef were the usual suspects – several years ago we just…. stopped making Christmas dinner for the two of us. There were so many things we wanted to make, but after all of the rush around getting ready for Christmas and the stress of work leading up to the holidays, neither of us ever feel like making a huge dinner Christmas Eve for just the two of us. (Now, on the rare occasions when we have a vistor over for Christmas (for example, a friend who can’t make it home for the holiday), we’ll pull out all the stops. It just seems silly to do all that for the two of us.)

Instead, we go out for Chinese. Horrors, I know, but we love it. Our usual MO when we go for Chinese on Christmas Eve is to order way more than we could possibly eat, get it packaged up, and then have the leftovers for dinner on Christmas Day.

But… the next time I decide to make a big dinner for us or friends, I would like to try cooking a duck. I’ve heard horror stories about how greasy they are, but this Christmas there is a blogger who is detailing her duck-cooking step-by-step. Her method looks like a winner, and I’ll be sure to try it out when the opportunity presents itself.

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  1. Foodninja

    I roasted a goose this christmas and it was soo good. poor little guy didnt even see it comming.