Nature’s Farm Pasta

Nature’s Farm pastas are a recent discovery of mine. They are made in Steinbach using Canadian durum wheat and eggs from vegetarian-fed, free-run hens.

Nature's Pasta

We picked up a few bags (which, according to their website are compostable!) to try them out, and were generally pleased with the results. The pasta is very easy to cook al dente; too many brands tip too quicky from just right into over cooked. The pasta from Nature’s Farm seemed easier to deal with. It has a nice texture, and it reheats well too.

I used the tri-colour rotini recently to make Hot Beef Pasta on Ceasar Salad. I did find one problem here: the colour of the pasta faded quickly when it was placed in boiling water. Aside from that, though, it worked admirably, and I wouldn’t hesitate to try it again.

Hot Beef Pasta Salad

I have found this pasta at several Safeway stores, Harry’s Foods on Portage Ave, and the organic varieties at Grass Roots Organic Foods at The Forks.


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